Grandest Lan 2023

21 November 2023



Join us for a unique and immersive experience in the world of Hearts of Iron IV at the prestigious Czocha Castle in Poland from November 21st to 24th, 2023. 

The HOI War Academy invites you to take on the role of cadets in a military academy, participate in strategic missions, and collaborate with fellow gamers to achieve common goals.

This premiere event builds on the success of our EU4 Lan Parties since 2017 and promises to introduce completely new ways of playing the Hearts of Iron 4. You can expect an unforgettable three-day event filled with multiplayer campaigns with custom rules and role-play elements, open to players of all levels of experience from around the world.

What can you expect from the Event? 

  • A roleplay experience with HOI4 game in the center of interactions
  • A set of multiplayer campaigns with custom rules and role-play elements. Open to players of all levels of experience.
  • An opportunity to meet the Paradox team.
  • A space to connect with fellow players from around the world.
  • Delivered by the professional team of game masters, tech specialists, and experienced event crew.

All tickets are all-inclusive, and the price for regular tickets is €966, and €1076 for premium tickets. The ticket includes:

  • Computer stations and software provided.
  • Extra activities included in the price.
  • Professional photos for everybody.
  • Delicious buffet meals prepared by the Czocha Castle restaurant chef.
  • Soft drinks, coffee, and unlimited snacks!
  • Exclusive access to all castle areas – no tourists will come your way.
  • Sleep in a real castle – Czocha Castle is also a hotel.

Premium Ticket

If you wish to enjoy upgraded accommodation, whether in a single room or a double room of a higher standard, the premium ticket is an excellent choice. Please note that due to location limitations, the number of Premium Tickets will be extremely limited.

Sponsored by:

Event start:

21 Nov 2023
 - 16:00

Event stop:

24 Nov 2023
 - 10:30
Moszna Castle
Zamkowa 1, 47-370 Moszna, Poland
Participants: 96
Ticket-price(s): 966 EUR - 1076 EUR
Tournaments: Hearts of Iron 4
Theme-based: Yes
Internet-speed: TBA
Free wifi available: Yes
Helpdesk: Yes
Bar available: Yes
Catering available: Yes
Breakfast available: Yes
Prizes to win: No
Cash-prizes to win: No
Fun-tournaments: Yes
Other animation: Yes
Console-corner: No
Parking available: Yes
Sleeping-area: Yes
Showers available: Yes
Smoking-area: No
Multiple monitors allowed: No
Speakers allowed: No


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